How to Stay Safe in a Bar?

Hanging out in a bar is fun. You can come across new people, chat, play games, watch football matches, or even dance on the pub floor as a means to uplift your mood. Unfortunately, crowded entertainment joints may pose dangers especially if you go partying without the company of friends or family.

The stylish Bar7 that is famous for comfy rooms, funky décor, and designer sofas, offers the tips below to help you to stay safe in a pub.

Take Care of Your Drink

The advice that you should know where your drink is sounds like a cliché. Yet, distancing yourself from your beer, rum, or whiskey poses the risk of a criminal-minded person spiking your drink. Pickpockets and date rapists can drug you with substances, such as gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) tranquilizers, benzodiazepines, ketamine, valium, or Rohypnol. Never allow another person to distract you so that teammates can spike your drink. Also, know more facts about coffee consumption as it does not remove your alcohol intoxication as what a lot of people believe. 

Tell a Trusted Friend or Family Your Location

Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry should know your everyday movements. However, Bar7 believes that telling at least one of your closest friends where you go for drinks can help just in case you go missing or fall sick while partying. Your relations or friends will connect the dots from your last known location.

Arrange for Transport with Registered Taxi Companies

Not having a personal means of transport can leave you at the mercy of carjackers and criminal gangs who may pose as genuine taxi operators. Use the apps of reputable firms, for instance, Uber, to hail a cab.

Don’t Show Your Finances and Jewelry Off

Ordering the most expensive alcohol crazily and for every person in the club in cash may demonstrate that you carry a lot of liquid finances. Drink your beer quietly, which does not make you a person of interest. Stop displaying your luxurious jewelry and mobile phone too.

Drink in Moderation

To stay in control while in a pub, never drink beyond your limit. Whilst going to the public bar makes a dull moment turn into happiness, remember that criminals are more likely to focus on the patrons who take too much alcohol.

GPS Location Technology

Cheap and thin GPS personal trackers, such as Guard llama, Trax, Spot Gen3, DeLorme InReach SE, Amber Alert GPS, and PocketFinder can enhance your security when participating in an outdoor entertainment activity. The trackers are able to alert the police of your whereabouts if criminals take control of you.

Avoid Brawls in the Pub

No matter how much someone provokes you, keep away from physical confrontations. To avoid injuries and brush with the law, do not engage in a fight even if other persons hurl insults at you.

Someone is Stalking You

Stick to well-lit areas as you leave the club. If a stranger stalks you as you leave the bar, return to the main hall immediately. Tell the security or bartenders about the incident. The bar staff will escort you to your car or taxi and wait until you drive off.

Bar7 staff is confident that these tips can help you to stay safe in a bar. All the same, never appear afraid, timid, or nervous even when you are at a new joint. Act confident and you will not attract predators.